Transform Your MicroFunds Business with Boscosoft's Revolutionary ERP System

Boscosoft introduces an advanced ERP solution tailored for MicroFunds companies, regardless of their size. This innovative software is user-friendly, scalable, and optimized for operation with minimal manpower.

Our ERP meticulously records every transaction, allowing for the generation of comprehensive reports that facilitate informed decision-making. Distinct login interfaces are available for branch staff and other users. The system simplifies the management of loans, interest rates, EMI payments, and outstanding balances, presenting all information at the click of a button.

Accessible online via any browser, the ERP provides real-time data for users upon login. Furthermore, audits by government officials or authorized personnel can be seamlessly conducted as the system presents all necessary data promptly on-screen.





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   Android solution with fingerprint acknowledgement

   Complete workflow management

   Automated entries against collections and repayments

   Automatic data synchronization from web

   Monitor collections, attendance and savings

   Targets and actuals tracking

   Financial reports at all levels

   Entry and monitoring of loan requests; processing of loans

Our Clients Speak

"We have a very good relationship with Bosco Sub Technologies. In fact, we are using their MicroFunds product for our customers who are in self-help groups and cooperative operations in both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu region. This MicroFunds product provides scalable architecture, ease of use, lot of sides to the operations with real-time data. Our customer management gets real-time information for all their decision-making and supporting information as well. Also, MicroFunds support is providing enormous support to our customers and their knowledge is amazing. We wish them all the very best. We wish to grow along with the product as well as with the organization." Thank you.


Founder And Director of CEA Infotech
Our Valuable Clients
What is MicroFunds?

MicroFunds is the provision of financial services such as small loans, savings, insurance, and business training to very low-income individuals, particularly women. It helps them start and grow income-generating businesses, effectively combating poverty and providing critical economic opportunities.

What are the Tasks of a MicroFunds Institution (MFI)?

MFIs provide financial services to micro-small and medium enterprises, especially in emerging and frontier markets. They focus on the extension of credit and can evolve into full-fledged banks offering a range of financial services. MFIs are characterized by their close relationship with clients, often necessitating in-depth analysis of clients' living conditions

How Do Micro-Credits Differ from Usual Credits?

Micro-credits are small loans that significantly impact the borrower. They're based on trust and individual responsibility, requiring timely repayment with interest. Micro-credits feature small sums, short maturity periods, and frequent but small rates for interest and amortization. They emphasize strong customer focus and in-depth analysis of personal living conditions.

What are the Interest Rates for Microcredits?

The interest rates for microcredits are generally 2–3% per month, with an annual rate around 25%. This rate covers the MFIs' operating costs and risks, and part of it is used to cover costs for borrowing capital

Where Does Vision MicroFunds Invest?

Vision MicroFunds invests primarily in emerging markets across Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia, focusing on low-income individuals who lack the financial means to realize their entrepreneurial ideas

What is the Impact of MicroFunds on Global Poverty?

MicroFunds has had a significantly positive impact on global poverty. By empowering poor individuals, particularly women, to start and grow small businesses, it enables them to address their families' material needs, save money, and break the cycle of poverty for future generations.

How is the Investment Process Managed in MicroFunds?

The investment process in MicroFunds involves identifying opportunities and disbursing funds, which can take 2-4 months. The process includes a top-down approach analyzing the political and legal structures of countries, and a bottom-up approach focusing on MFIs' operations and social goals. Regular assessments of financial and social performances of MFIs are conducted to ensure the quality of investments.

Why are Loans Issued Through MFIs?

MFIs provide additional security by thoroughly checking the living circumstances of micro-entrepreneurs before approving loans. They maintain close contact with clients, offer regular training and education, and manage the administrative aspects of loan issuance, which would be impractical for direct fund-to-entrepreneur transactions.

What is the Repayment Rate for Micro-Credits?

An impressive 98% of micro-entrepreneurs repay their micro-credits on time and with interest. Micro-credits are often issued to groups of people who are jointly liable for repayment, incentivizing timely repayments and fostering a strong repayment culture.

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