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Higrade is a complete ERP solution for Colleges or any other Higher Educational Institutions. This package is a bundle of features needed for all office purposes, such as educative community, fees, payrolls, attendance, assessments, scholarship, library, transports and [...]


A web-based ERP solution for any Christian diocese to handle information and basic pastoral functions related to institutes, organizations and parishes. CristO helps to manage information of the Diocese, Parishes, Families, Members and Institutes. With CristO, church management is most economical and provide connectivity with pastoral [...]


Acme.erp is an assortment of ERP solutions Custom-tailored to meet particular institutional needs such as book keeping, financial accounting, tax calculations, stock & inventory control, equipment & maintenance, purchase & sales and intelligent [...]


MedSys-B is an integrated Hospital Management System for Healthcare organizations. This ERP streamlines the hospital processes and provides optimal services at low-investment-pain and low-response-time leading to quality patient care and [...]


SmartSchool is a complete ERP for schools. This web-based software product enables breezy administrative and management functions in a school. Our ERP features real-time communication environment through multiple channels of update namely, SMS, Dashboard, Email and [...]