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MedSysB is an integrated Hospital Management System for Healthcare organizations

This ERP streamlines the hospital processes and provides optimal services at low-investment-pain and low-response-time leading to quality patient care and services. It captures complete administrative processes and patients’ medicines & clinical information in the granular detail at every point of hospital operations.


  • Streamlining Hospital Processes
  • Quality Patient Care and Services
  • Coverage of Administrative Processes
  • Patients, Medicines and Clinical Information
  • Synergize Hospital Activities
  • Confidentiality of Information
  • Phased Implementation and Migration
  • Online Care Service Expansion
  • Interoperable Financial Transactions
  • Technical Support and Trainings


  • Registration : Out-Patient , In-Patient
  • Investigation : Lab, X-Ray, USG, CT-Scan, etc
  • Operation Theatre
  • OP/IP Pharmacy
  • Billing
  • Blood Bank
  • Medical Certificates
  • Dietary
  • HR Management : Staff Attendance, Payroll
  • Communication : Intra Messaging Service
  • Administration


  • Quick view of number of registrations and collection at any time
  • Configure registration fee based on multiple activities
  • Quick view of bed availability and patient’s discharge
  • Enquiry assistance for current in-patient details
  • Quick view of patient results by the doctors
  • Easy view of patient lab test history
  • Issue drugs based on First Expired First Out
  • Periodic expiry notification of stock
  • Reorder notification based on re order level
  • Supports centralized and decentralized billings
  • Quick view and settlement of Pending Payments
  • Intra communication for announcement
  • Information availability related to hospital
  • Provision to monitor inventory and transaction details
  • Easy circulation of hospital notices or events
  • Comprehensive reports to plan, implement changes in the hospital
  • Information availability related to patients.
  • Track and control user activities.
  • Improved flow of information and hence Faster decision-making
  • MedsysB helps in maintaining a totally secured database of Patients and business information. This information can be available at your fingertips.
  • Improved performance by 250 concurrent user access