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HiGrade is a complete ERP solution for Colleges or any other Higher Educational Institution offices

This package is a bundle of features needed for all office purposes, such as educative community, fees and payrolls, attendance and assessments, scholarship, library and transports.


  • Admission, Student Activities and Performance
  • Web-based College Administrative Services
  • Predesigned and Custom Reports
  • Compliance with University and Higher Education Regulations
  • Network Friendly Client-Server Architecture
  • Multi-User's System and Security Authentications
  • College Web Portal
  • Communication Channel (SMS, bulk emails, etc.)
  • Facility Management: Transports and Library


  • Academics
  • Admission
  • Student Profile
  • Staff Profile
  • Student Attendance
  • Staff Attendance
  • Student Fees
  • University Fees
  • Transport
  • Staff - Payroll
  • Student Scholarships
  • Student / Staff Timetable
  • Student Internal Assessments
  • Library Management
  • Semester Examinations
  • Principal Desk
  • SMS
  • More Additional Services


  • Lesser Infrastructural Investments and Costs (servers, systems, staff and maintenance)
  • Single product offering total college solutions
  • Saves multi software licenses
  • More prompt in services with reduced paperwork
  • Quick and prompt information push, across campus
  • Ensures zero duplication of information in campus
  • Centralized reporting system for all college departments
  • Generation of 360 reports (daily, weekly, monthly and annually)
  • No more process unrelated and unmanageable data mounts
  • Better integration of management, academic, administrative and business processes
  • Students have breezy access to attendance, timetable, results, fees and examination schedule
  • Parents have access to student attendance, timetable, results, fees and examination schedule
  • Parents get quick feedback on student performance
  • Parents get SMS updates on attendance, fees, marks and performance
  • More transparency between parents, teachers and management
  • Save time and money on communication
  • Cross-browser support (IE, Firefox and Chrome)
  • Mobile Friendly