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It’s Ok Now

It’s Ok Now in as iOS application that gives user access to photographs of everyone’s favorite celebrities and models all in one place. But only 18 years or older. It is a resource that draws a clear line in what celebrities are ‘Ok’ to view with a humorous undertone injected into it. The app is very minimal with features in only providing lists of celebrities and a photo gallery for the celebrities that are 18 or older. Additionally there will be a Question of the Day page that showcases one ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question picked out from submissions of It’s OK Now users that will be available for response from others in the user community.
View the photographs of celebrities in list | view the particular celebrities gallery | Rate the celebrities to be ok or not ok | View the celebrities by gender | View their social websites link | View the question of the day | Rate the question to be ok or not ok | Post a new question