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Question Bank

Overview The need of digital question bank in colleges are felt and our tool serves the purpose of both creating question paper from the archive and archive the same as history. This reduces the manual work and it helps the user to generate in more efficient and effective way, provided the question paper pattern is set as per the norms. The main [...]

Design Your Jewellery

Overview Design Your Jewelry (DYJ) is a user friendly application to enable the customers to have a satisfactory selection and purchase of the jewels of their choice.  This application helps the customers to visualize their creative design in advance, enables them to design it on their own choice such as to select the Concept, Shape, Bail and Stone [...]

Credit Information System

Overview Micro Credit Information System(CIS) is fully an account-based software, which automates and manages the activities of Self Help Groups(SHGs) in a systematic way. This system helps the Organization, Different Clusters, Self Help Groups and Individual members in each group by maintaining their monthly savings, group level income and [...]