CristO is a complete church management ERP solution. This supports churches and parish homes of any sizes and comes at an affordable price. CristO connects the diocese and the parish seamlessly.

CristO gives access to various levels like Diocese, parish Father, family or individual member with various access rights. Relevant data can be entered by them and the Diocese admin can see all the data. He can generate various types of reports whenever required. CristO also comes with a mobile app for the parishioners.

CristO helps to digitize the data which are stored in traditional paper storage. This helps to save space, effort, time and provide a better security to data. Reports can be pulled out or shared with anybody in almost no time. Certificates for the parishioners can be generated upon request and proper approval.

CristO stores all personal data about the parishioners. Also, the sacraments details like baptism, first communion, confirmation etc. are also digitally stored. There is an Email and SMS gateway that automatically send Email or SMS to concerned people. Also, service timing, event reminders, parish news will also be shared with all.

Subscriptions, Donations collected are also recorder with CristO. Parish Priest can view the amount collected and can get a list of parishioners from whom subscription was not collected. Reminder can be send to them so that they can pay the subscription soon. The data entry or the report generation can be done through an easy and user-friendly interface. We have a dedicated support team who are ready to support you any time whenever there is a need.

Boscosoft - CristO


  • Church automation
  • Digitalized family and individual members information
  • All sacrament registers and records entry
  • All certificates requests and processing
  • Chronicles of news and events
  • Records subscriptions, donations and other contributions
  • Communication vis SMS and EMails
  • Data security
  • Easy report generation
  • 24x7 support


  • Affordable price
  • Compatible with all kinds of churches
  • Easy communication with parishioners
  • Customizable certificates and reports
  • Generates more revenue for church by online mass booking
  • Live mass broadcast
  • Easy payment by online
  • Additional support like website creation
  • Automated SMS system
  • Diocese Parish networking