CCH Outsource Services

CCH Outsource Services

For over five years, we have been providing application support for the following CCH modules. The support work we have been doing are listed further below…

Boscosoft - BPO

Accounts Productions – preparation and editing of AP accounts

  • Edit and customise master pack templets (Academy, Charity, Farm, Limited FRS 102, FRS 105, IFRS, LLP, Pension, Probate, Trust, Consolidated IFRS)
  • Publish master packs including customised master packs
  • Roll over and create new accounting years and periods
  • Modify and edit chart of accounts
  • Import and export trail balance and transactions into and from CCH
  • Import and export trail balance and transactions to excel and pdf formats
  • Input journals and advisor journals
  • Modify and input updated journals, advisor journals, adjustment journals and audit journals
  • Customise formulae in AP pages and notes
  • Modify account pages using different font styles
  • Edit master paragraphs in the statutory database and flag inclusion or exclusion
  • Check tagged highlights and edit contents (group, balance, currency, rounding and tag values)
  • Prepare financial reports with images such as logos on front cover and pages
  • Link address in AP such as main address, registered office, bank, business, etc.
  • Generate financial statement for full accounts and filing accounts
  • Print and export full accounts and filing accounts to excel, word and pdf

Preparations of consolidated accounts

  • Set up consolidation group accounts
  • Roll forward and create year ends matching parent and subsidiaries
  • Link parent and subsidiary in the order required
  • Map and unify nominal chart of accounts for consolidation
  • Verify the entries being brought through to the consolidated entity
  • Link multi entity accounts such as Limited FRS102 and FRS105, LLP FRS102 and FRS105 etc.
  • Modify consolidate template to accommodate to more than 25 companies
  • Customise group accounts and make correction formats for Group Accounts (FRS 102 or IFRS)
  • Generate consolidated trial balance and input consolidation journals
  • Customise group audit trail page to include the required number of subsidiaries
  • Synchronise formulae within the audit trail to consolidate different types of subsidiaries
  • Export group audit trail data to excel and cross check consolidation figures
  • Customise group cash flow and cash generation pages to include all subsidiaries
  • Export group cash flow and cash generation data to excel and cross check consolidation figures
  • Generate consolidated financial statements for the group and subsidiaries

iXBRL for HMRC and Companies House filing

  • Create iXBRL accounts from client trail balance or third-party generated accounts
  • Check tagged highlights and edit contents (group, balance, currency, rounding and tag values)
  • Correct tag errors in the iXBRL pages
  • Generate accounts for HMRC filing in HTML format
  • Generate accounts for Companies House filing in XML format
  • Map customised formats within CT600
  • Review changes within CT600
  • Create single or multiple accounting periods and link web address to accounts
  • Format supplementary pages
  • Create and link tax groups
  • Generate iXBRL accounts for final accounts generated in other software packages
  • Investigate and amend submission errors
  • Verify submission status of filed accounts in Companies House submission database

CCH Practice Management and credit control

  • Setup time processing categories and time units
  • Add accounting years and periods for bills and timesheets
  • Design code types for timesheets such as task code types
  • Setup timesheet authorisation modes
  • Create employee categories and working hours
  • Configure employee charge rate types
  • Create and maintain employee timesheet, disbursement and expense sheets
  • Create and maintain authorisation rights for employee bills and expense sheets
  • Configure employee timesheet entry setting
  • Export timesheet, expense sheet and disbursement sheet to excel format
  • Setup and update employee login credentials
  • Setup and maintain assignment types
  • Create chargeable assignment templates
  • Create chargeable and non-chargeable assignments

Client billing, credit notes and WIP provisions

  • Setup a billing company
  • Setup bill number sequence for generating bill number
  • Create and maintain new invoice and credit note templates
  • Setup default master billing paragraphs
  • Raise live bills and credit notes
  • Preview draft bills and credit notes
  • Confirm draft bills and credit notes as authorised by the client
  • Submit, authorise and post bills and credit notes as authorised by the client
  • Create estimates to complete bills and credit notes where there is no WIP
  • Post and allocate cash against invoices
  • Write off bad debts against the invoices
  • Adjust discounts against invoices
  • Reverse bills
  • Maintain cash receipts and correct miss posting as requested
  • WIP write off
  • Transfer WIP between clients
  • Maintain method of delivery for bills and statements
  • Schedule and send the authorised statements as required
  • Follow up replies and report feedback to credit controller

CCH Month End processing

  • Follow up outstanding employee timesheets and expense sheets
  • Carry forward the draft bills
  • Bills and credit notes allocation
  • Close current month end
  • Manage and control reopening of closed periods
  • Maintain the monthly report backup for Aged Debtors and WIP

Smart Reports and Reporting

  • Create new report templates in Smart Report and Reporting
  • Smart Report design mode modification
  • Format and re-design standard reports
  • Edit report field prompts to specify filters
  • Export report data to Excel, PDF and HTML formats
  • Create email template to send bulk debtor statements to clients
  • Customise debtor statement templates
  • Add and maintain reports in employee Favourite

CCH Central support

Create and maintain contacts, clients, employees and other entities in CCH

  • Add new clients and contacts
  • Change client name, code, client type and contact
  • Add and update address details
  • Add and update other data information
  • Maintain security permissions for client data
  • Associate partners for clients and contacts
  • Create and update partner and employee responsibilities, single or bulk
  • Assign employees to security groups
  • Create, delete and maintain assignment types, groups and templates
  • Link assignment template to CCH modules
  • Setup security for application access
  • Create and define security permissions
  • Create and maintain task permissions
  • Support CCH database split or merger through data cleansing, verification and reconciliation.
  • Assist in importing data into CCH from other packages