Technical writing refers to straightforward explanations and instructions dealing with a particular technical subject. That is, the technical writing is writing on a specific subject for a specific purpose to a specific audience. Technical Writers can be considered as a bridge between people who know technology and people who use it.

Why you should attend?

By the end of the course, you will be able to do • User Guides
• Online Help
• Training Material
• Technical/Procedural Documents

Who can attend this course?

The candidate should have basic knowledge of following details
• Communication Skills
• Any UG Graduation
• Knowledge of MS Windows & MS Office

Fee Details

Course Fee (Rs.): 15,000
* Food and Accomodation at additional cost
* Candidates should bring their own Laptop for the training programme

  • Code Name

    Technical Writing

  • Course Fee

    Rs 15,000 /-

  • Start Date

    Nov 23rd 2020

  • End Date

    Feb 20th 2021

  • Course Length

    3 Months

  • Project Manager

    Mr.Antony Selven

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