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About the Php

LAMP is an open source web development platform that uses Linux as the operating system, Apache as the web server, and MySQL as the relational database management system and PHP as the object- oriented scripting language. This course covers the development of dynamic database-driven websites and application using mainly PHP and MySQL. Course participants can learn and develop an application using LAMP technology as LAMP is mature and flexible enough to be used for small, medium and largeapplications alike. This course begins with an exploration of the LAMP architecture, fundamentals of PHP concepts and MySQL support with real-world examples.

Why you should attend?

By the end of the course, you will be able to design and develop dynamic, web-based applications. Also you will learn: • PHP advanced concepts;
• MySQL and its interaction with PHP;
• Security Issues in PHP;
• Sending mails with attachments.

Who can attend this course?

Having basic knowledge in HTML, CSS and basics of Web (Java script is optional)

Fee Details

Course Fee (Rs.): 20,000
* Food and Accomodation at additional cost
* Candidates should bring their own Laptop for the training programme

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  • Course Fee

    Rs 20,000 /-

  • Start Date

    Nov 23rd 2020

  • End Date

    Feb 20th 2021

  • Course Length

    3 Months

  • Project Manager

    Mr.Antony Selven

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