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About the .NET

Microsoft .NET is a suite of tools which enables you to easily develop modern software applications. In this course, you acquire the fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience to write object-oriented applications using C#. You learn how to design and test applications with Visual Studio, create ASP.NET Web applications and connect to a database using ADO.NET.

Why you should attend?

To become proficient in developing Windows or Web applications using ASP.NET, C# and .NET Framework. Competencies developed through this course include: • Write object-oriented code using C#;
• Leverage Visual Studio for code generation, user interface design, automated testing and debugging;
• Control Web site access with Web Forms authentication;
• Build SQL Server databases and access them using ADO.NET.

Who can attend this course?

While this course does not assume that participants have any programming experience, prior exposure to other structural and/ or object-oriented languages is very beneficial. To get the full value from this course, the participants should have prior knowledge and experience of object-oriented and GUI-based programming

Fee Details

Course Fee: ₹. 22,000
* Food and Accomodation at additional cost
* Candidates should bring their own Laptop for the training programme

  • Code Name


  • Course Fee

    ₹. 22,000 /-

  • Start Date

    July 05th 2023

  • End Date

    October 04th 2023

  • Course Length

    3 Months

  • Project Manager

    Mr. Antony Selven

  • Mobile No.

    +91 97860 00439

  • Project Co-Ordinator

    Ms. V. Sangeetha

  • Mobile No.

    +91 63691 10461

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